We are big believers in work hard, play hard.  And given our industry, we also don’t think these activities are necessarily that different.  

In November, our entire Management team from every venue, flew out to Antalya, Turkey, with two of the company Directors, Ken & Scott, to undertake some training, share ideas, and enjoy some much earned downtime!

After a long, hard working, fruitful Summer for the group, we felt the best way we could reward, and re-energise the team, was to take them as far from Inverness as we feasibly could!  This also presented a fantastic opportunity to get all of our Managers in one place, where they could be stress-free, get creative, and bounce ideas off of one another. 

Cru Holdings managing director, Scott Murray, said: “As a multi-site operator, we felt it was important to get the management team together to share feedback and ideas, as well as spend some quality time together before the busy festive period. Our recent mental health training was really well received so we are keen to continue the professional and personal development of the team.

“The management team is a huge asset to Cru Holdings and they shared some great ideas over the weekend. I can’t wait to see how these ideas are implemented over the remainder of 2019 and beyond.” 

With the right structure, and balance, we find that whipping the team away somewhere exotic, or even just somewhere far enough away that they can disconnect from their responsibilities a bit, can be far more productive, and had a far greater and long lasting impact than, pinning them down in a boardroom for a formal training day.

Not to say the cuisine and the climate weren’t nice, but to see the shared ambitions, the common goals and appreciation and loyalty of our management team in this, unrestrained way, and to reap the rewards of their new found energy and ideas as a result, is absolutely priceless to us.