Mental Health is such a prevalent and potentially destructive element of our industry specifically, but indeed anyone can be susceptible to it. The physical and mental wellbeing of our team is a top, top priority for us.  We know all too well, that hospitality is a stressful environment, but it should also be an enjoyable one.  We take any opportunity to improve working conditions, boost morale, or simple just to remain more informed about the issues our team are faced with, and more specifically, what we can do to help.

We recently arranged training for our entire management team to help them identify, understand and provide support for those facing mental health issues.  To support our employees, 13 members of management staff attended the training delivered by Fiona MacAulay from Highland Trauma Services.

We have done our best to implement a support network between the management team to ensure they have assistance when dealing with colleagues who might need support.  This will continue to improve and develop as time goes on, with the management team themselves providing constant feedback and suggestions.

Earlier in 2019, the Royal Society for Public Health found that mental health and wellbeing is under strain among hospitality employees. The ‘Service With(out) a Smile’ report found 84% of hospitality workers reported increased stress, which was believed to be a direct consequence of their job.  

On top of that 45% of respondents said they wouldn’t recommend working in hospitality, 62% don’t think the hospitality sector takes care of its employees, 71% have experienced verbal abuse from a customer, 24% required medical or psychological help, and only 10% had received training to support health and wellbeing, or had access to mentoring, health champions, or mental health first aiders.

“Hospitality can be a high-stress industry and has a high incidence of alcohol overindulgence,” said Scott Murray, managing director of Cru Holdings. “Having reviewed mental health incidents within our business, we felt it was important to ensure our management team had a greater understanding of why these issues occur, and importantly, how to deal with them when they do.”

Fiona MacAulay, from Highland Trauma Service says, “Challenges with mental health have touched every life in Scotland, from a young person struggling at school to concerns about a colleague or family member. Cru Holdings was exemplary in how it approached the training to gain a new understanding of mental health. The company could be the local leaders in helping to stop stigma with its open and compassionate attitude – they are the first public venue in the hospitality industry to have a list of self-help resources and contact numbers.”

We will always do all we can to not be part of this growing problem, and instead, along with our team, be part of the solution, and make sure we are providing the best possible environment for our teams.  It’s ‘just a job’ after all, but for us, and for many of our staff, it’s a lifestyle, and as with anything that you spend a lot of time doing, it’s meant to be enjoyable! By working together and supporting one another, it sure can be!