As the connectivity from Inverness airport continues to increase, the savvy business traveller now has even more tools in his or her arsenal to make their business trips more convenient, and cost effective.

The days in which you have to check in at each airport are long behind most of us – unless you are a frequent traveller from Inverness.  Until recently, many journeys required a change of airline before finally embarking on the last leg of the trip to your ultimate destination.  Not necessarily a major hassle, but laden with potential risks should something go wrong.

This always brought potential issues – if flight number 1 was delayed or cancelled, there was precious little recourse, and many would find themselves stranded, out of pocket, and in a position of finding their own solution to conclude their travel plans.  After all, nobody really is to blame – it’s a case of Murphys law.

A voluntary agreement exists between most scheduled carriers now – such as KLM & Air France, or British Airways and American Airlines – which takes all of the risk away, and ensures a more convenient method of travel for its passengers. This is called an interline agreement.

An interline agreement (sometimes referred to as a codeshare) is an agreement between different airlines which facilitates travel for passengers who require flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination. This isn’t restricted to a single airline pairing, and can include multiple airlines under one agreement. 

This is especially handy if you want to fly somewhere that isn’t served by a major carrier.

It allows travellers to conveniently purchase a single ticket, manage a single booking, and share the benefits of the airline (baggage allowance etc) throughout their journey.

Imagine you wanted to book a trip from Inverness to Phuket Thailand…. Well, you could book a series of induvial flights with Loganair, Emirates and Bangkok airways.  OR you could book a single ticket with Emirates which will include all of those flights, and more importantly extend you a duty of care while flying any of the sectors. 

Another benefit is that you generally only need to check-in at your first port of call, and your baggage will be seamlessly transferred through each airport to your final destination. Leaving you time to browse the shops, catch up with some work, or just stretch your legs between sectors.

So next time you are planning a business trip, or indeed a much-deserved holiday, have a detailed look at the options. Talk to your travel agent, as they generally also have access to routes unavailable online, and are in a fantastic position to ensure you get the best tickets for your trip.