MYXD, which serves customers across the UK from its base in the Scottish Highlands, specialises in premium mail-order cocktails, allowing the public to enjoy their favourite tipples at home without sacrificing quality.

MYXD was founded in June 2020 by award-winning mixologist Grant Murray. His aim was simple: to bring the fun and excitement of being in a bar to people’s homes, without them having to spend years training how to make their favourite cocktails.

Mr Murray, who has worked in some of the world’s most prestigious cocktail bars, said: “I had wanted to start a home-delivery drinks company for a while but, when the pandemic hit last year, it provided the motivation I needed to get started. As the pubs and bars had to close during lockdown, people were really missing the experience of going out, and I spotted a real opportunity to provide that.

“Things have come a long way in the last year. At first, we were out in our cars ourselves, delivering cocktails to the local area, but as word began to spread we started getting orders in from all over. Now we’re sending cocktails across the country with next day dispatch. It’s been a wild ride!”

What began as a small operation serving the local community quickly grew arms and legs, and MiX’d now sends cocktails to hundreds of towns and cities across the country. And, as lockdown has eased, the fervour for enjoying cocktails at home hasn’t diminished.

Mr Murray added: “There’s nothing more decadent and indulgent than a good cocktail… perhaps other than one you can enjoy at home in your pyjamas! Over the last year, people have started to realise that you don’t always need to get dressed up to the nines to have a good time – you can have just as much fun at home with your friends and family. So it’s great to see our customers still passionate about enjoying incredible cocktails from the comfort of their living rooms and gardens.”Many of the brand’s most popular cocktails are based on classics – like the Old Fashioned, Cosmo or Martini – but each has a unique MYXD slant on it that you can’t find anywhere else. Each serve comes delivered in a resealable pouch along with the mixer required to create a new taste sensation.