Our Story

Our Story

We come to Cru HQ every single day because we love what we do! We deliver experiences like no other across all facets of our business. We push boundaries, we pioneer and we are the champions of our customers!

Put up your feet and indulge us for a minute or 2…

The Crew at Cru are a happy bunch, partly down to the signature-blend coffee we are fuelled with, but mainly due to the inclusive and forward-thinking environment that we work in. Our ethos, our mission, our very essence is at the heart of everything we do and every man, woman and dog (well, we can dream) who works under our roof.

Innovation should never see casualties of ethics, and the future is always just one creative and passionate idea away. Our diverse selection of bars and restaurants reflect this flawlessly. Our passion for finding the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, combined with some of the best local talent, blends seamlessly with our love of producing the best experiences for our valued guests.

What we do

Since 2009, Cru has been dedicated to pioneering new experiences within the hospitality sector – no mean feat as the Highlands is regarded as one of the most hospitable places in the world –  as well as venturing into other areas when the mood takes us!

No matter where we venture, one thing remains constant. A focus on quality, sustainability, safety and people remains at the heart of our business, and always will.

Why do we do this? Our overriding ambition is to have every guest revisit, with a smile on their face.  By providing excitement, relaxation and a light-hearted love for all things, all neatly packaged in a safe, inspiring environment. We achieve this time and time again.  We don’t stand still either – to ensure we can continue to achieve this, we will continue to push the boundaries to uncover new innovations, that’s what we do best. That’s what we love to do!

But that’s not all.

Historically a Bar & Restaurant operator, Cru now both own and manage licensed premises, as well as holding interests in the Travel industry with 2 travel brands under it’s belt.

We are a local company and recognise our responsibilities as such.  We will always endeavour to work with local suppliers wherever possible, and at least 80% of our management team has been promoted from within.  We have won awards and accolades, but rarely talk about these, because for us, it’s all about the innovation, the team, the customers and of course, the coffee!

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